Intrack’s “farewell footy” newsletter

Come back soon, we’ll miss you!

by Janelle Harte

Congratulations to the Hawthorn Football Club for winning the AFL Premiership and the Sydney Roosters for winning the NRL Premiership for 2013.

It was a year when the Essendon Football Club was put through the ringer and news that Buddy is off to Sydney (we didn’t see that coming). Also, shock horror to all the Collingwood fans that Thomas is following his old coach to their rival Carlton. Lastly, congrats to my fave, Gazza, on winning the Brownlow and sorry my second fave, Selwood, for coming in second place.

So, as they say in footy, there is always next year …

Good goals

Now is the time to focus on the 2014 football year. Intrack has the solution for all your football needs. From affordable junior goal posts for schools to premium goal posts at AFL level. Call Intrack today for expert advice on any of your sporting post enquiries.


  • AFL Goal Posts
  • Soccer goals
  • Rugby goals
  • Netting posts


  • Sport post fabrication
  • Goal posts and netting posts installation
  • Premium goal posts custom made to order
  • Goal post relocation
  • Off-season goal post removal
  • Site inspections
  • Goal post and netting post maintenance

Inspired design employs Intrack poles

Hacer chooses Intrack for a design beyond the flagpole

by Janelle Harte

Hacer and Intrack projectIf you thought all Intrack could do were flagpoles, banner poles and sporting posts, think again.

After eight months of negotiation, Intrack received an order from the Hacer Group for 207 poles to be used as a roof feature on the Harvest Apartments, Clarendon Street, Southbank. It entailed four pole lengths, 7.0 metres, 5.7 metres, 4.8 metres and 4.2 metres, to be powder coated in three colours, green, grey and off-white.

Mark Hill worked on the specifications of poles and bases. Matt Keen worked on the pole design for customer sign off. Greg Harte, along with Alex Shrafat, fabricated the poles and individually packed and numbered them onto stillages, and I worked out the sequences in order of how the poles were to be installed on the roof.

Thanks to Glenn being flexible with Intrack and Hacer, the poles were delivered in two batches. Deep made the first delivery and Greg made the second.

The project went smoothly and is a credit to Aluminium Industries and Intrack for the level of expertise we have under our belts and our support network.

The Harvest Apartments will be entered into the Masters Builders Association Awards. The relationship established with the Hacer Group means we will get a commendation for the high quality product and level of customer service we provide.


Let’s celebrate National Flag Day

Intrack-Newsletter-head-flagdayIntrack Systems Australia Celebrates National Flag Day 3rd September 2013

To all the owners of a flagpole, here is your opportunity to show your national pride and fly the Aussie Flag Tuesday, 3rd September to mark the day of our flag’s birthday.

Flag Day CeremonySeptember 3, 1996

The announcement that the Governor General had officially proclaimed 3 September as Australian National Flag Day was made at a special ceremony held at Martin Place, Sydney.  (read more)

Our Aussie Flag

The Australian National Flag was officially flown “aloft and free” for the first time at the Royal Exhibition flagdaylogoBuildings, Melbourne on 3 September 1901 in the presence of Australia’s first Prime Minister Edmund Barton.

The design was the product of a public design competition held to find a national flag for the new Australian nation. At that time, following Federation, the sentiment freely expressed across the new states was of “One people, one nation, one flag”.

That same sentiment is equally relevant today. (read more about Flag Day)

Australian Flag fact sheet

The publication Australian flags is available free of charge from the electorate offices of Federal Members of Parliament and Senators. (visit itsanhonour.gov.au) 

Intrack flagpole project on EastLink for FrankstonIntrack raises Frankston’s EastLink profile

Frankston City Council at Carrum Downs receives 125mm x 10.0mtr Stepped Flagpoles.

Intrack Systems Australia won the tender to supply and install flagpoles on the EastLink Freeway on behalf of Frankston City Council.

The initial tender was for 8.0mtr flagpoles, however Intrack recommended a larger flagpole be used to have the capability to take a larger flag and therefore keep all flag sizes the same throughout Council.

Gumbuya Park sports flash new Rota Arm FlagpolesGumbuya Park

Greg from Intrack noticed the existing flagpoles at Gumbuya Park were not rotating and therefore their flags always kept on ripping. Intrack approached Gumbuya Park and advised them of the situation.  As a result Gumbuya Park ordered Intrack’s 60mm x 6.0mtr Rota Arm Flagpoles and, you can see for yourself, the results are eye catching!

“Thanks Janelle. I am so glad you called us and yes they do look great. Very Pleased. Thanking you guys” Deb Kluske. Gumbuya Park.

Do you know Intrack?

– We are based in Dandenong South
– We have been in operation for 17 years
– We are all Australian Made
Our services include:
IMG_0657– Planning
– Installation
– Goal post & Flagpole maintenance
– Flag scheduling and storing
– Traffic management
– Boom and operator for hire


Welcome to our new website and blog

Team Intrack is super excited to announce the launch of our new website and blog.

We invest our energy and efforts where it matters most, taking care of our customers. In our spare time, we built a new site with the intention of it being a resource for our customers and others with flagpole and goal post questions.

From the flagpole

Along with the new intrack.com.au, we have a shiny new blog. Our plan is to address frequently asked questions about flagpoles, introduce new product lines and inject more of our team’s personality into Intrack’s digital profile.

Thanks for stopping by and we look forward to helping you.


Flagpoles raise Frankston’s Eastlink profile

Frankston_Eastlink_flag2Intrack Systems Australia was pleased to become the preferred supplier for Frankston City Council and recently installed 11 x 10.0mtr flagpoles on the EastLink Freeway, Carrum Downs.

The flagpoles in themselves are a masterpiece. They are a stepped flagpole,125mm in diameter on a frangible slip base.  The planning and work required was huge.  Soil testing determined the required footing depth and every part of the flagpole was fully engineered to meet EastLink’s guidelines.

Frankston_Eastlink_flagsThanks to Matt for the work on drawings and a BIG thank you to Mark for working on the engineering of the flagpoles. Thanks to Alex for his help with the welding and assistance.  Also thanks to Greg, with his expertise on the fabrication and installation of the flagpoles.

The finished product is a credit to Intrack and, as a result, Frankston City Council now wants our assistance on future scheduled flag changeovers and ongoing maintenance.




Proudly Australian

Intrack is proudly Australian made.

It’s not new, just official.

Intrack is happy to announce we’ve joined the Australian Made Campaign to give our customers ready access to an Australian flagpole and sporting post manufacturer.

Australians want products manufactured in Australia and look to spend their dollars with companies that are here and reinvest in their communities. We understand this, because it’s what we do in our day-to-day life, too.

We took steps to verify Intrack’s Australian Made practices, to make it easier for clients to know they can trust what we say. You know it’s part of who we are and our core values.

And we think that’s pretty cool.


Safer goal posts for more fun

Safer goals by design

Intrack tackles unique requests and projects with gusto.

The members of our team have years of experience in the field and confidently finds solutions for customers with a little creative thinking and elbow grease. For the times when a project calls for something more, we turn to our in-house design team. This is how our Protective Hinge Housing came to be.

A customer wanted a mechanism at the base of the 15 metre AFL goal posts that offered better protection to players. Engineered by the Intrack team, our exclusive Protective Hinge Housing decreases risk of injury to players.

A lovely side benefit comes from the housing simplifying lowering, standing and maintenance of the goal posts.

Less risk means fewer injuries. Fewer injuries means more playtime. More playtime means more awesomeness.

We believe in awesomeness.