Safer goal posts for more fun

Safer goals by design

Intrack tackles unique requests and projects with gusto.

The members of our team have years of experience in the field and confidently finds solutions for customers with a little creative thinking and elbow grease. For the times when a project calls for something more, we turn to our in-house design team. This is how our Protective Hinge Housing came to be.

A customer wanted a mechanism at the base of the 15 metre AFL goal posts that offered better protection to players. Engineered by the Intrack team, our exclusive Protective Hinge Housing decreases risk of injury to players.

A lovely side benefit comes from the housing simplifying lowering, standing and maintenance of the goal posts.

Less risk means fewer injuries. Fewer injuries means more playtime. More playtime means more awesomeness.

We believe in awesomeness.

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