Intrack flagpole options

Intrack offers a number of flagpole options, including flash covers, internal halyards, multiple, remote or high reach halyards, untapered poles, yard arms, gaffs, tabernacles, wallmount and hinged bases.

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Lockaway halyards

Flagpoles with lock-away halyards provide an economical means of changing street flags without the expense of using reach trucks or cherry pickers. They discourage vandalism of the ropes (halyards) in public areas while providing ease of access for changing the flag. They also extend the life of the ropes and reduce noise normally associated with the ‘chattering’ of the ropes on external halyard flagpoles.

The flag or banner is kept under control using a weighted necklace around the pole with the top of the flag connected to a rotating finial allowing the flag to move freely around the pole.

Intrack flagpole lock halyards

Internal or external cleats

Internal cleats secure the ropes inside the main body of the flagpole mast. Using marine grade cleats extends the ropes life and provides security from tampering.

External cleats are a simple, but effective way of tying off the ropes on the outside of the flagpole.

Intrack external cleat flag-pole-internal-cleat

External cleat

Internal cleat

Rotating and Fixed Finials

Rotating finials are usually mushroom shaped and constructed with a bearing that allows the top of the flag to rotate freely around the pole. Alternately, some decorative finials are cast metal and can be chrome plated or painted to provide a more decorative effect to the pole.

flag-pole-decorative-finial flag-pole-rotating-finial

   Decorative Finial

   Rotating Finial