Tis the season … for bright holiday flags

Flagpole maintenance by Intrack

Intrack provide flagpole maintenance and flag rotation services for many councils and businesses in the Melbourne area. The recent change to Christmas flags in Dandenong is just one example of this.


Rugby goal posts

City of Casey rugby goal post project

The Intrack team completed installation of two sets of rugby goal posts last week.

These 10.0 metre tapered rugby posts feature hinge bases for ease of installation and uninstallation in the off season.

IMG_2324 IMG_2328IMG_2322


City of Casey flagpoles

Spring Square Hallam

City of Casey now sports a bright new look for Autumn. Our man Greg was out there completing the routine maintenance on the flagpoles. We make sure the poles stay in perfect condition and their flags fly freely.

Spring Square Hallam Feb   (2)Spring Square Hallam FebSpring Square Hallam Feb   (1)


New school year, new flagpoles

School flagpoles deliver ‘lovely’ finish

Just before school went back for the start of 2014 Intrack was very busy supplying and installing flagpoles for many schools. One of these was Thornbury High School.

We supplied them with our most popular of flagpoles for schools, our 80mm diameter x 6.0mtr untapered aluminium flagpole, powder coated in white gloss, internal halyard on a spigot base.

Meredith Stephenson from Thornbury High School called today to say, “thank you to Greg for the lovely flagpoles.”

80mm x 6.0mtr unt int white spigot (1) 80mm x 6.0mtr unt int white spigot (2) 80mm x 6.0mtr unt int white spigot (3)


Intrack supplies, installs extraordinary flagpoles

Intrack flagpoles on the Princes Freeway

Greg Harte, flagpole expert, completed installation of three very large flagpoles on the Princes Freeway in October, inbound to Melbourne. Intrack worked as a strategic partner for Melbourne Visual Events to deliver high quality results for their customer.

At 150mm diameter stepped down to 100mm diameter x 10.5 meters with two internal halyards, these flagpoles are extraordinary and a stand out of a pole. Intrack supplied and installed them.

Located at the Avalon Airport Exit, the flagpoles were designed to match the three flagpoles on the other side of the freeway, also supplied and installed by Intrack about eight years ago (that still look fantastic).

Intrack's Princes Freeway flagpoles, installed 2005

Flagpoles supplied and installed by Intrack in 2005.

Intrack's Super Banner Pole at the Avalon Exit on Princes Freeway

Flagpoles supplied and installed by Intrack in 2013


Intrack brings spring to Frankston Council flagpoles

EastLink Frankston flag poles

The Intrack team just completed changing the flags for Frankston Council, bringing a vibrant dash of colour to EastLink.

Originally manufactured and installed by Intrack in July, our team continues to maintain the flagpoles for the Council.


Bilia Volvo Flagpoles

Bilia Volvo auto dealership flagpoles

Intrack flagpoles rev up Bilia Volvo

High quality aluminium flagpoles from Intrack infuse dynamic colour and messaging on the Bilia Volvo car lot. By contracting with Intrack for regular maintenance, Bilia keeps their message fresh and their flags sparkling.


Templestowe Village flagpoles

Templestowe Village (Spring)


City of Greater Dandenong Children’s Festival flagpoles

Children's Festival 9 Sep 2013


Netting posts for safer sport from Intrack

Camberwell Grammar netting posts sport netting posts from Intrack Intrack netting post installation Intrack installation base for aluminium netting posts